CR Baumsteiger Const. Inc. Helical Anchor Specialist 34yrs.
CR Baumsteiger Const. Inc.     Helical Anchor Specialist 34yrs.

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CR Baumsteiger Const. Inc.

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Phone/text 415 608 1046

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Office Hours 8 - 4:30 M - F

Our office is open:

for general walk in customers and we would like to help you by visiting your jobsite at your convenience.  Please call/text 415 608 1046 to set up an appointment.

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Preconstruction Services

You can rely on CR Baumsteiger Const. Inc. to guide you through every step of the preconstruction phase. We provide the services you need to get your project off the ground, including:

  • Site evaluation; We will be happy to conduct site visits to determine what will be the best foundation pile type to be used for your particular soil/rock matrix.
  • Project development; After our first site visit suggestions will be made as to Soils and Structural Engineers and contact information to these individuals or firms. We have an extensive list of Design Professionals during our 24 years installing Helical piles.
  • Design development; We will work closely with you and the design professional to acheive the results, structurally, budgetarilly, and visually, you will be happy with.
  • Pre Const. Test Piles; Testing is a vital way we may ascertain the depth and type of Helical pile to be used. Working closely with design professionals during this aspect will assure you a cost effective project to its completion.
  • Blueprints with Design Professionals; Working with engineers during blueprint design creates cost effective ways of monitering every dollar spent. As we have found over the years few people want to put money in the ground when it can be seen in the kitchen,bathroom and finishes.  Better known as "Value Engineering"

Construction Services

CR Baumsteiger Const. Inc. takes pride in providing its clients with expert advice throughout the construction phase:

  • Site logistics; We will analyze your particular site and create  a plan specific to minimal disruption,protection,and landscape friendly work ethics. This is acheived making certain the correct equipment is used for minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.
  • Pre-Const Test Piles/Tiebacks;  Prior and during the project Test Piles are installed at "Production Pile"locations with the intent of understanding depths to be met and loads to be acheived for all Engineers and the structure. By utilizing Test/Production Piles the dollars spent stay in the owners pocket making use of the test as production install.
  • Safety program; Weekly Tailgate meeetings insure daily safety, A must in our field.
  • Quality control/Testing; Installation Drive Logs are created for each Pile/Tieback installed recording depth,torque,loading capacity,and location on the site. After installation, proof testing is offered on all projects to be a quality control tool for final sign off by the Design Professional.
  • Materials / Helical Piles; All materials are guaranteed to be new. All Helical Material will be by the AB CHANCE Helical Pile Co. a USA product.
  • Scheduling/Inspections; With Owner,Engineers,and Juridiction scheduled by us.
  • Completion; Once complete, sign-off letters,drive logs,and final permit sign off to owner.

Photo Gallery: A Few of Our Recent Projects

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